The Site

Victoria Way - The Site
  • Located at 40 Victoria Way, the site is a large plot of approximately 1.95 hectares currently occupied by a 2- storey warehouse, a land use that is out of context with the wider residential environment
  • To the immediate south of the site is the North Kent railway and Bernard Ashley Drive beyond it
  • The east is Victoria Way itself, the residential Rathmore and Troughton Roads and Charlton train station
  • To the north are the residential dwellings on Victoria Way, Dupree Road and Gurdon Road,bvWoolwich Road and the Charlton Riverside Masterplan area
  • To the west is a recent residential development of 209 homes and beyond that the A102 Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach and Westcombe Park train station
  • Indeed, the Charlton Riverside Masterplan encourages commercial land use immediately north of Woolwich Road, and therefore residential uses to be encouraged south of the road, including 40 Victoria Way
View 1 - looking south west from Victoria Way
View 3 - looking north west from Victoria Way
View 2 - looking west from Victoria Way
View 4 - looking south from Dupree Road